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Jimmy Jib

Jimmy Jibs are operated by a two man team - the operator and the assistant, both of which must be present when the Jib is being operated or repositioned.  Health & safety is paramount at all times.  Public Liability Insurance documents are available on request as well as Loler certification on any Jimmy Jib supplied.  

The Stanton Jimmy Jib is a modular system with lengths ranging from 4ft to 40ft. With various mounting options including custom adapted studio bases, a track mounted dolly base, outdoor rolling bases and off road gators.  Jibs can be rigged almost anywhere.  

In order to be operated safely and to it's full potential certain 'footprints' are required for different sized jibs.  Please refer to the chart at the bottom of this page to see the recommended platform sizes or ground 'footprints' for various swing circumferences and other tech specs

Jimmy Jibs are able to accommodate many different broadcast and digital cinema cameras.  There are many variables with many different cameras and lenses to choose from so please get in touch to discuss specific requirements or for no obligation advice.


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