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Remote Heads & Tracking Systems

Remote Heads or Hot Heads are remotely controlled pan and tilt heads.  They can be rigged in places where a camera operator wouldn't usually be able to operate from due to space restrictions or safety.  With a variety of mounting and tracking systems hot heads are more versatile than ever.  From mini heads to full size gyro stabilised heads, rail systems and wire systems, hot heads have never been more dynamic.

New technology is constantly improving the design and performance of remote cameras.  Stronger, smoother, faster and more lightweight heads are now readily available.  Not forgetting the relatively new wire camera systems and aero dolly's.  I hold IPAF certification and am qualified to operate MEWPS allowing easy and fast access when rigging these systems and for maintenance.  I have good relationships with suppliers of a large range of remote systems.  Please contact me for advice on what kit might work best for your project and recommended suppliers.

Wirecams are a fixed point to point remote flying camera system.  Featuring two dyneema lines, one as the main drive rope and a back up safety - each with their own secondary safety fixing points giving 4 stages of fail safe, these systems are incredibly reliable and safe. Used in conjunction with Newton's gyro stabilzed head a wirecam delivers spectacular aerial shots.


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